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Top technologies for 2013

ARC Advisory Group analysts track a broad range of emerging technologies related to manufacturing, infrastructure, industrial automation and IT, and enterprise applications.

A special ARC report highlights selected technologies that they believe will have significant impact over the next several years, if not well into the future.

Clearly, many of the hottest technology trends today represent a convergence of largely internet- and IT-based enabling technologies.

ARC believes that this convergence is likely to remove many existing constraints to help transform the way manufacturers and other industrial enterprises operate and collaborate, both internally and across their extended value chains, and do so to a degree that we have not witnessed in recent decades.

While far from a comprehensive list, ARC feels the following hot technologies provide a good "feel" for the overall landscape:

  1. Intelligent devices and the Internet of Things
  2. Predictive analytics for Big Data
  3. Cloud computing and services-based solutions
  4. Virtualisation
  5. 3D simulation and augmented reality
  6. Mobility-enabled applications and "wearable" technologies
  7. BYOD
  8. Remote operations/asset management
  9. Additive manufacturing/3D printing

Registered ARC Advisory Group clients can view the complete report.

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