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Top 10 process control and automation stories for 2013

It's been an interesting period for the industry. As we wind down for 2013, it's time to look back at key events and pick out the top stories for the year gone by.

Making headlines across the automation world was Schneider Electric's takeover of Invensys. Siemens too attracted plenty of attention when its CEO was shown the door after a string of poor results.

The excellently engineered desal plant in Victoria unfortunately got mothballed and some say it is the victim of politics. 

Leading edge technology garnered interest, for example the use of thorium as a tantalising power source for future decades and generations.

The importance of proper condition monitoring and automation for piston-type compressors is an important topic for our community and was the second-most read article this year.

Wireless technologies and safety are always critial issues for process control and automation engineers.

SAGE Automation winning the 2013 PACE Zenith Awards attracted plenty of attention. We are now inviting nominations for the 2014 Awards, so make sure to submit your entry soon.

1. Schneider Electric takeover of Invensys to close by end 2013

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3. The energy potential of the thorium fuel cycle

4. Automation systems of the future will have safety fully integrated and networked

5. Victoria's desalination plant could be in mothballs for years

6. How to qualify to effectively manage process safety

7. Is wireless sensing the most important new technology in process measurement?

8. Siemens CEO to be forced out after poor results

9. Pneumatic components market in turmoil

10. SAGE Automation takes top honours at 2013 PACE Zenith Awards

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