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Top 10 Measurements explained

National Instruments offers an online how-to guide for the ten most common sensor measurements to get you up and running.

NI’s website presents detailed information about measuring temperature, pressure, strain or load, quadrature encoder, vibration, and more.

The National Instruments “How-To Guide for Most Common Measurements” is a centralised resource portal for obtaining information about making common sensor and signal measurements. Each of the documents covers the operating principle for the corresponding signal/sensor and offers guidance on how to make that measurement. The purpose of these documents is to help you get to your measurements quickly.

For each sensor measurement, you have access to:

• An overview of the sensor

• Guidance on pinouts and connecting to hardware

• A view of your measurement in software

• Noise or accuracy considerations

• Additional tutorials and information

These technical resources can be accessed online, and their engineers can be reached at 1800 300 800 for discussion of applications.

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