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Titanium 3D printing a winner for Australian bike manufacturer

company Flying Machine is seeing success manufacturing bicycles with customised
lugs, 3D printed in titanium.

Australian reports that additive manufacturing, carried out on the CSIRO’s
Arcam electron beam melting machine, has helped make short-run production possible
and created “hi-tech cottage industries” such as Flying Machine.

were looking for a way of achieving what we wanted to do for a cost that was viable,” Flying Machines’ principal Matthew Andrew told The Australian.

He had previously considered sourcing custom 3d printed titanium lugs from overseas, but this was too expensive an option.

In an earlier interview with AAP, Andrew explained that his company formerly sourced steel lugs – which join the bike’s frame together – from overseas, with parts
taking 10 weeks to arrive.

With its arrangement with the CSIRO – which charges market rates to make the
individually-designed lugs – the parts take around 10 days to arrive.

bike maker announced its first prototype early in the year, and has been
offering the custom bikes for a few months, attracting international orders.


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