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You could win one of these valuable engineering textbooks by reading the following book overviews and answering the following easy question: how many examples of real-life case studies appear in Smart Inventory Solutions?

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‘Reliability Assessment: A Guide to Aligning Expectations, Practices, and Performance’

Daniel T. Daley

Industrial Press


This book is intended to simplify the assessment of reliability by first identifying the current expectations then assessing the current practices to determine if expectations are realistic or if they are not supported by programs and practices.

The text addresses the elements of reliability using a new and creative approach for the first time in one source. It combines the most effective and efficient of those approaches into a single activity that shows managers what they have a right to expect and what they do not. Most often, this discovery comes as the result of painful failures and production losses. This unique book and the process it describes will allow the discovery of this misalignment to take place at a more convenient and less costly time.

‘Smart Inventory Solutions: Improving the Management of Engineering Materials and Spare Parts’

Phillip Slater

Industrial Press


Engineers and reliability professionals are increasingly being held accountable for materials and spare parts inventory management, and in response they need to gain a better understanding of materials and spare parts inventory management principles and practices. This practical book delivers just that.

This new edition will help you get the right parts, in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. Fully revised, it provides specific coverage of the issues faced in, and requirements for, managing engineering materials and spare parts and what to do to improve your results. It includes 29 exclusive examples and real life case studies to demonstrate the application of the concepts and ideas so that you will easy and quickly understand how to implement them.

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