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Timing relay mobile solution

RS Components has announced that it is the first distributor to market with the NFC timing relay from Schneider Electric, which offers control and monitoring of a timing relay via NFC (Near Field Communication) using a smartphone or tablet. The product is suitable for maintainers, machine and panel builders and OEMs, or anyone that currently uses a timing relay to control simple on/off switching tasks.

The new NFC timing relay is part of Schneider’s Zelio range and comes with 28 timing functions. This allows engineers to reduce the number of individual references for their designs or installations. The time-saving copy and clone function of the mobile app allows fast and easy configuration of the timer relays. Further savings in time are delivered by the store-setting option that allows repeated use.

There is no manual configuration required and this can be done via a smartphone app. According to the company, the mobile app provides accuracy with precise time setting of up to a millisecond, so there is no more parallax error and no more calculation required. Control and monitoring of the timer is achieved using the diagnostics feature, which allows users to check the time lapse and I/O status. Security is provided via the password protection for all settings to prevent others from changing them, either accidentally or maliciously.

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