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Time-sensitive Networking for dummies

Belden, a company that specialises in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has published a special edition of Time-sensitive Networking for Dummies. The book, which was written by Oliver Kleineberg and Axel Schneider, is a Belden/Hirschmann Special Edition. Like last year’s  Belden/Tripwire Industrial Cyber Security for Dummies, it can be downloaded free of charge in pdf format – and is also available in a regular print edition.

In today’s highly automated systems, real-time communication is essential. Several real-time communication technologies, including EtherCAT, PROFINET IRT, and Sercos III, are used to ensure timely communications, but they have compatibility issues and offer limited, if any, support for future enhancements such as increased bandwidth. Time-sensitive networking (TSN) overcomes these limitations to provide dependable real-time communication; high bandwidth to accommodate a vast amount of sensor and background data; and backward compatibility to Ethernet devices.

Time-Sensitive Networking For Dummies, Belden/Hirschmann Special Edition, introduces time-sensitive networking and explains the standards. It provides insight into the requirements of TSN network engineering and the benefits of using non-TSN Ethernet devices on a TSN network.

Introducing the book, co-authors Oliver Kleineberg and Axel Schneider say: “With 53 pages, the book is extremely accessible and serves as a primer by providing a clear, high-level overview. We hope, however, that it will spark readers’ interest and provides the general understanding required to start asking intelligent questions and digging deeper into this topic.

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