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The Pilbara region pioneers waste management

Cardno has overseen the development of a regional council waste management plan that has been officially recognised as the first of its kind in Western Australia.

The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) formally endorsed the Pilbara Regional Strategic Waste Management Plan as the state’s first strategic waste management plan at a recent local government forum, with the State Government body providing $60,000 for its implementation.

Cardno BSD was engaged by Pilbara Regional Council to develop the plan, which includes a focus on the coordination of recycling in the Pilbara, increased public awareness of waste management and the acquisition of equipment and technology.

Cardno BSD Western Australia Divisional Manager John King said the company had been committed to ensuring the plan delivered successful outcomes for various stakeholders.

“Using our expertise and knowledge in the field, we have helped deliver a plan that is certain to make a positive impact on the future of waste management in Western Australia,” he said.

Cardno BSD team members Megan Haines and Roberts Sim worked alongside staff from Pilbara Regional Council and DEC to develop the waste management plan.

The $60,000 DEC grant will now be used to assist in funding the implementation of the plan, including the appointment of a non-partisan recycling coordinator to oversee the coordination of recycling in the Pilbara.

Other initiatives will include raising public awareness of recycling, data collection and the development of a regional investment plan for acquiring equipment and technology, as well as the actual acquisition of that equipment and technology.

The Pilbara Regional Strategic Waste Management Plan is a joint initiative of the four local governments of the Pilbara, major resource companies in the region, waste and recycling companies, the Western Australian Local Government Association and DEC.

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