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The future for microcontrollers and single-board computers

IDTechEx research report Microcontrollers and Single-board Computers 2016-2026 reveals the trends resulting from the close relationship between these devices.

The report forecasts that the single-board computer (SBC) industry will be worth US$300 billion by 2026. Furthermore, the ten-year forecast for microcontrollers (MCUs) and SBCs is backed by the growth of wearable electronics and cars, both traditional and electric. However, the report states the situation is complex because some applications are not growing significantly (such as smart cards), while others are growing rapidly (such as the electric car business). The number used per equipment is increasing however, causing a multiplier effect.

 The report also focuses on key players in the industry, which IDTechEx has determined to be Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon, as well as Arduino, Raspberry Pi Foundation and Beagleboard.

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