The first 3rd generation Opcon Powerbox arrives in Australia

The first third generation Opcon Powerbox has arrived in Australia. The unit is being brought in by Perth-based green power utility, Enerji.

The Opcon Powerbox cogeneration technology transforms waste heat into electricity and therefore creates significant energy cost savings and reduced CO2 emissions for its customers.

The unit will remain in Customs until 30 September 2011 and will then be delivered to a site in Perth to undergo a series of inspections, including with WorkSafe.

Subsequently it will be delivered to Horizon Power’s Carnarvon Power Station for installation around November 2011.

Enerji chief executive officer Greg Pennefather said the arrival of the first third generation Opcon
Powerbox was a momentous occasion.

“We now have our cornerstone technology ready for installation at Horizon Power’s Carnarvon
Power Station and I am confident that the Powerbox will be generating electricity in Carnarvon by
the end of 2011,” Pennefather said.

“During construction we consulted extensively with the relevant Australian regulatory bodies and as
such the Powerbox already complies with most of the necessary requirements for usage in this

Opcon Powerboxes are designed and constructed in Sweden by technology company Opcon. It costs between $2.9 million and $3.5 million to build, transport and install an Opcon Powerbox and the associated heat recovery system.

Enerji generates revenue through long-term power purchase agreements. “A huge secondary benefit of the first Opcon Powerbox installation is the significant boost to our business development capabilities by having an operational model which will physically demonstrate the level to which we can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions,” Pennefather said.

A second Opcon Powerbox is scheduled for delivery into Australia before the end of the year.

 The first third generation Opcon Powerbox arrives in Australia

Opcon Powerbox Fast Facts:
– Opcon Powerbox produces electricity from waste water at a temperature range of 50-95°C
– An average Opcon Powerbox generates 3,400 MWh of electricity per year
– 3,400 MWh = 340 cubic metres of oil = 2,100 barrels of oil
– A coal-fired condensing power plant emits around 3,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide when
generating the same amount of electricity as an average Opcon Powerbox, which causes zero
– Electricity from an average Opcon Powerbox is sufficient to heat around 300 normal homes
– An average Opcon Powerbox produces the same amount of electricity as the largest wind

[Images courtesy Opcon Energy Systems.]

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