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The digital transformation of workplaces

The rapid uptake of automated decision making and machine learning in the workplace is the focus of a new inquiry launched today by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training.

The Committee would like to hear directly from workers, employers, software developers and providers, academics, employer groups and trade unions about the digital transformation of workplaces that is currently taking place across Australia.

Chair of the Committee Lisa Chesters MP said ‘following the Committee’s recent work on generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system, the Committee is now turning its attention to examining the intersection between advanced digital technology and the labour market’.

Of particular interest to the Committee are the benefits and risks of automated decision making and machine learning in the context of work, the role of business software and regulatory technology companies, and how to ensure the safe and responsible use of these technologies.

“The Committee wants to understand what these changes mean for employees and employers, our workplaces and the way we regulate and govern our employment practices,” said Chesters.

The Committee welcomes submissions from interested individuals and organisations by Friday 21 June 2024. More information on the inquiry, including the full terms of reference and details on making a submission, can be found on the inquiry website.

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