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The AusIMM announces new CEO

Michael Catchpole is the new Chief Executive Officer of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM).

Mr Catchpole brings extensive experience in business and association management and in government, media and community relations to his new role as Chief Executive of The AusIMM. He was previously Chief Executive of the Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA). MIchael had also worked as a political journalist and producer in ABC TV news and current affairs and with metropolitan daily newspapers. He worked with Australian based global mining company BHP and, as an independent consultant, has provided project and issues management services to the private sector and to government departments and agencies.

The President of The AusIMM, Peter McCarthy, said Michael’s experience with a range of clients and stakeholders and with another influential industry body would provide an excellent base for his new role.

“Our members are spread across industry, government and academia, and work with companies ranging from the major global mining groups to sole consultancies,” Mr McCarthy said.

“Michael has the experience and skills needed to ensure that The AusIMM continues to fulfil its members’ aims, and to further enhance the organisation’s influence with key decision makers and its engagement with communities.”

Michael Catchpole says he is excited at the opportunities presented by his role as CEO of

the pre-eminent organisation representing professionals in the minerals sector.

“I see The AusIMM’s role as being to provide opportunities for professionals to advance their

technical excellence and best practice, and to communicate their learned opinions to key

decision makers.

“The future of the mining industry is inextricably linked to global environmental, economic

and social sustainability. The positive impacts our members can have as we seek a

sustainable industry extend far beyond the mining sector.”

Michael Catchpole can be contacted at

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