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Teralba offers Spiraflo Heat Exchanger refurbishment for older models

Teralba Industries has ramped-up its refurbishment options for Spiraflo Tubular Heat Exchangers, including models S5.5 and S6, which were installed into various heat transfer systems and pasteurisers in 1970s and 1980s.

According to Teralba, most Spiraflo Multi-annular Heat Exchangers sold over the last 35 years in Australia can be cost-effectively re-tubed and reconditioned with the company’s expanded refurbishment options.

Teralba can offer new spiralled tubing and new gaskets sets, along with a high pressure cleaning and hydrostatic testing service, upgrading older heat exchangers to the latest Australian Standards.

If a Spiraflo is unrepairable, then Teralba will offer a replacement Dimpleflo Tubular Heat Exchanger, which can be supplied with exact dimensions to fit into pipework or plant where the Spiraflo was.

Repair and recertification of existing heat exchangers to new condition is both cost effective and tax effective, as the repairs are fully tax deductible in most cases, Teralba says.

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