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Temporary HVAC method saves manufacturers money

Active Air Rentals is leading the way in the temporary HVAC market with the hot tapping method.

Hot tapping or pressure tapping is a way of connecting to existing chilled and hot water systems without interruption. Around for about 10 years, hot tapping has only just hit the Australian temporary HVAC market.

Active Air Rentals Director Sweeny explains that hot tapping is valued by manufacturing clients as a means to save on costs.

When a chiller fails, or if it’s under capacity, temporary chillers need to be added into existing chilled water loops. This would have previously required closing down the plant, isolating the area where the new chiller would be connected, removing the water, plumbing in the temporary chiller and then restarting the plant.

However, temporary closures cost a lot of time and money, making it a major problem for environments that must have air conditioning, such as many manufacturing facilities.

Hot tapping is achieved by essentially creating a temporary loop for water to flow through while a new chiller is plumbed in. Once it is connected the water is re-diverted and the temporary loop removed, with the system operational throughout the process.

From an opportunity cost point of view, existing HVAC systems can stay online ensuring business continuity, which is vital for many manufacturers. From a tangible cost point of view it also makes a lot of sense since installations are done during normal business hours and there is no need for after-hours fees or overtime costs.

From a functional point of view, the temporary loop valves ensure all future connections are quick and easy, again saving time and money and reducing problems in emergency situations.

Active Air Rentals is Australia’s leading HVAC and power rental company specialising in hire and rental of temporary air conditioning, power generation, climate control and refrigeration equipment.

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