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Telstra shuts off 2G network

Telstra officially shut off its 2G network yesterday, after more than two decades of operation.

According to Telstra spokesman Steven Carey, 2G accounts for less than one per cent of today’s mobile traffic.

Those using the network have been urged to upgrade their handset for the past two years as Telstra issued warnings of the shut-off.

A Perth resident with a Nokia 3315 (first released in 2000) expressed his disappointment in a Facebook post, which prompted Telstra to fly the man out to Melbourne to officially shut down the network.


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Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.55.13 AM


Optus will switch off its 2G network next April (affecting Virgin Mobile, amaysim and Dodo customers), and Vodafone’s 2G network will be switched off next September.

There were 180,000 active handsets operating on Vodafone’s 2G network at the end of last September, according to the company.


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