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Tecpro Australia designs misting system to eliminate odours at waste treatment facility

Tecpro Australia designed a misting system-based odour control solution for a new grease trap waste facility in Dubbo, NSW. The facility treats greasy liquid waste from local businesses, which can create unpleasant odours within the building, especially when new waste is received and unloaded.

Andrew Cooke, Sales Manager with Tecpro Australia explained that the new facility’s approval was conditional to the installation of an effective odour control system. Tecpro Australia designed and fabricated an odour neutralising misting system based on the odour neutralising agent supplied by For Earth Pty Ltd.

According to Mr Cooke, Tecpro’s design includes high pressure pipes that run across the ceiling of the facility with each pipe featuring a series of fogging nozzles discharging a powerful plume of mist. This mist incorporates the odour neutralising solution, enabling nasty smells to be eliminated.

A high pressure pump along with a timer allows for duty cycles to be adjusted as needed. Mr Cooke explains that the misting system, for example, can be run for 20 seconds on and 20 seconds off, and the frequency could be increased or reduced, depending on the requirement. The fine mist droplets evaporate quickly so water doesn’t pool in the facility.

The client is extremely satisfied with the performance of the odour neutralisation system. Mr Cooke says the system is capable of removing smells completely within a couple of minutes. He added that the system could also be used to reduce the air temperature inside the building, especially in summer to create a more pleasant working environment.

Tecpro Australia has expertise in designing, manufacturing and commissioning odour neutralisation systems for industrial environments throughout Australia. 

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