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Technology roundtables to boost industry collaboration

The federal government is hosting technology industry roundtables in an effort to boost collaboration and tackle challenges and opportunities facing the technology sector.

The first roundtable was held last week, with another to be held this Thursday. Federal industry, science and technology minister Karen Andrews, who is hosting the roundtables, said that the technology industry underpins Australia’s ability to create and harness technological advances and remain competitive in a global economy.

“Digital innovation presents a $315 billion opportunity over the period to 2028 to enhance our technology capabilities,” Andrews said.

“Artificial intelligence and big data create new opportunities to grow the economy. Taking advantage of these opportunities will be crucial in reaching our Government’s target of 1.25 million new jobs over the next five years.”

Andrews said the roundtables would provide her, as minister, the opportunity to hear from industry leaders firsthand about issues and challenges facing the tech sector like access to skilled workers and the need for balanced regulation.

“The roundtables will enhance communication between the Government and the technology sector to develop a relationship that is mutually beneficial and solutions focused,” she said.

The first roundtable today will focus on start-ups in the tech sector. The second roundtable on August 8 will bring together larger tech companies, including international players with a presence in Australia.

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