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Techniche to acquire 50 percent of Statseeker

Techniche is set to acquire 50% of Statseeker and its subsidiaries.

The remaining 50% of the shares will be acquired by Brisbane-based Private Equity firm, NBC Capital.

Statseeker develops and markets a network infrastructure monitoring (NIM) software tool to major companies around the world.

Statseeker is scalable, industrial strength, network monitoring software that delivers 100% visibility of every interface, on every device, on any sized network, every 60 seconds.

Statseeker scales up to 500,000 interfaces per server, installs as an appliance and never rolls up the data.

Statseeker was founded in 1996 and is a privately held company with its headquarters in Brisbane.

Statseeker is currently deployed in over 500 customer sites spanning many industries including government, military, banking, education, manufacturing, aviation, telecommunications, retail, publishing, automotive and health.

The assets of Statseeker which are being acquired include its business, intellectual property and net tangible assets. The total purchase price is $6.75 million and includes cash and net tangible assets at settlement.

Headquartered in Brisbane, Techniche invests in profitable technology companies that improve business performance.

Techniche employs an "active management" approach by working with and incentivising management to successfully grow the businesses organically and via strategic acquisitions.

Techniche currently owns two businesses, ERST Technology, which provides reliable high speed data transfer solutions, and Urgent Technology, a provider of enterprise asset and contractor management solutions.

Techniche has offices in Hamburg (Germany), Milton Keynes (UK), Chicago and Melbourne with a support and development team based in New Delhi.

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