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Tasmanian Government continuing the rewards of renewable energy

A plan to streamline the approvals process for new renewable energy projects has been unveiled by the Tasmanian Government which will ensure Tasmania continues to be the renewable energy powerhouse of the nation.

Minister for energy and renewables, Nick Duigan, said in a new move to secure the ongoing expansion of the sector, a dedicated approvals pathway will assist the continuing rollout of major renewable energy projects.

“I’m very pleased to be progressing the new Renewable Energy Approvals Pathway – also known as REAP,” said Duigan.

“The Renewable Energy Approval Pathway (REAP) will provide a pathway for projects, such as wind farms and transmission lines, through the Major Projects Assessment Process.

“We already have significant renewable energy projects in the pipeline, and the new approvals pathway will ensure we continue to build that resource.”

The dedicated major renewable energy projects approvals pathway is the result of the Government’s Renewable Energy Coordination Framework.

Components of the REAP include:

  • Establishing a Major Renewable Energy Project case management team within Government, made up of a dedicated case management officer in ReCFIT and a cross agency team to facilitate a more integrated and coordinated pre-assessment process;
  • Develop definitive guidance on information requirements for Major Projects; and,
  • A coordinated pre-assessment which considers a Reserve Activity Assessment and related assessment processes – parallel to the major projects.

Duigan said that the Government is now developing a separate supporting initiative for statutory recognition of the Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA) process, including required assessment timeframes.

“Major Projects provides a more contemporary assessment process that is designed to align with community expectations of project assessment,” said Duigan.

“Opportunity for public involvement will continue to be provided through consultation and exhibition processes as well as public hearings.”

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