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Tasmania seeks to turn organic waste into bioenergy

The Tasmanian government is laying the foundations to make the most of modern bioenergy, one of the most widely used renewable energy generations sources in the world, through a new draft Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania. 

Bioenergy is energy produced from organic matter including from agricultural, municipal, industrial and forestry waste and residue. It can feed a wide range of energy needs including heating, fuels such as methane and transport fuels for cars, boats and planes, as well as electricity generation and industrial heat. 

Submissions are now sought on the draft Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania. The feedback that is received will feed into finalising the vision to pave the way towards this additional energy source joining the state’s existing renewable energy capacity. 

As biomass can be regrown sustainably, bioenergy is globally recognised as a renewable energy source and can substitute or prevent fossil fuels from being used in many applications. 

Tasmania’s bioenergy potential complements and bolsters our broader push towards becoming a global renewable energy powerhouse that makes its clean energy generation capacity work for all Tasmanians, lower household and business energy costs, grow the state’s economy and support local jobs. 

Tasmania is already leading the nation by producing 100 per cent of its electricity needs from renewables. Biomass energy complements this by using what would otherwise, and traditionally has been, discarded. 

The Tasmanian government welcomes the feedback and input from groups interested in the state’s bioenergy future, which will be considered as the Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania is finalised over the coming months. 

The draft Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania has been developed with the assistance of an extensive range of industries including agriculture; aquaculture; waste management; forestry and timber processing; power generation; industrial energy users; transport; peak industry bodies; and construction. 

The state government’s draft Bioenergy Vision for Tasmania is available here. Submissions close on 14 February 2022. 

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