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Tasmania and Flanders sign green hydrogen MoU


The Tasmanian state government has entered into a unique agreement with the region of Flanders in Northern Belgium, as the first green hydrogen MoU to be signed by the latter and first state-to-state agreement on the technology to be signed by Tasmania. 

Supporting cooperation on green hydrogen development, Flanders is pursuing an ambitious decarbonisation agenda to achieve its climate change goals, following the trend in Northern Europe. The move will accelerate global demand for green hydrogen and is in line with Tasmania’s target to be a significant green hydrogen exporter from 2030. 

However, the scope of this MoU extends beyond exporting and importing green hydrogen. Synergies have also been identified between the two states in more niche areas, such as the use of green hydrogen in aquaculture operations and offshore energy systems, as well as in the shipping sector. 

Cooperation has already begun, with research institutions from both sides meeting through workshops to identify further avenues of practical collaboration. These workshops will also allow the parties to share their knowledge and ensure that local industry is informed by robust research and best practice. 

The MoU with Flanders follows another MoU signed in December 2021 with the Port of Rotterdam, with the aim to work together to investigate the feasibility of future exports of green hydrogen from Bell Bay to the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 

Tasmania’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan sets out the vision to become a leader in large scale green hydrogen production by 2030 to meet both domestic and export demand. 

The Tasmanian government believes that Tasmania is well placed – with their 100 per cent renewable electricity, abundant water supplies and excellent port infrastructure – to seize these important opportunities with international partners. 

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