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Tasman Tanks provides flexible solution for Stockland Village

TASMAN Tanks has provided the water storage tanks for the fire sprinkler system at Stockland Village in Balgowlah, a Sydney suburb.

According to Tasman Tanks, space within new-generation industrial and commercial buildings are at an ever-increasing premium, so flexible and innovative tank systems are needed to take full advantage of available space.

Wormald was asked to design a fire sprinkler system for the Stockland Village project, a multi-million dollar 240-apartment and shopping centre complex. As the building was already built, Frank Hull, technical manager with Wormald decided to use Tasman Tanks’ products.

The Tasman Tank Company produces tanks in traditional shapes, and also engineers them to fit around columns and other obstacles and awkward shapes so as to optimise use of available space.

The company was able to squeeze in a stainless steel L-shaped bolted panel tank of the required capacity within the concrete structure envelope, between the building columns.

The company had to contend with access problems as well as limited headroom.

The TS185 bolted panel storage tank had to sit directly on the floor, with no room for beams underneath. Due to the flexibility of the system, Tasman Tank took up all the available space.

For access to the tank for maintenance, Tasman Tanks designed a top panel that could be removed from the wall of the tank when needed.

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