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Tapflo appoints Prime Pump as local distributor

Prime Pump Company based in Queensland has been appointed official distributor of Tapflo, a Swedish company that develops and manufactures pumps for industrial applications.

”We shall continue to develop the company according to plan. This includes doubling turnover within five years,” says Håkan Ekstrand, managing director of Tapflo. “We are now the leading independent manufacturer of diaphragm pumps in Europe and our vision is to become world-leading within this segment.”

Prime Pump Company has been supplying pumping equipment, services and solutions primarily to the mining, mineral processing, municipal, industrial and commercial sectors in the Australasian region since 1988. During this time, the company has developed expertise with difficult and unusual applications and installations.

“We have a commitment to provide correct and workable solutions for all applications including process fluids and solids transfer, underground and open pit mine dewatering, sewerage and potable water as well as corrosive/hazardous fluid systems,“ says Bogdan Iancu, general manager at Prime Pump Company.

Prime Pump have a workshop and repair facility to handle and cordinate most repair or refurbishment requirements for air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. A stock of pumps and parts are in place to service the demand for AODD pumps in Australia.

Tapflo will be reinforcing the organisation with more personnel and increasing visibility abroad by supporting company subsidiaries and working partners more actively out in the world. A number of new products are due to be launched, together with a newly developed pump series, within the next few years.

The strength of the membrane pump is much dependent on it being based on a minimum number of components, making these units reliable and easy to maintain. The service procedure is simple and the pump can be dismantled quickly. Moreover, the pumps can be dry run without damage. Tapflo membrane pumps are used to transport all kinds of liquid, from low viscosity alcohols to viscous liquids such as glue. The hermetic sealing of the pump allows hazardous liquids to be handled safely.

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