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Tank gauging seminars

Emerson Process Management Australia Pty Ltd will be holding a series of tank gauging seminars throughout September off the back of increased customer demand for the company’s Rosemount (SAAB) Tank Gauging products.

Seminars will run for approximately three hours each with one in Brisbane, one in Adelaide, one in Perth, two in Sydney and three in Melbourne scheduled for the month.

According to Emerson Process Management product manager — Rosemount, Magnus Petersson, the ‘Buncefield incident’ in the UK in 2005, which saw an oil storage and transfer depot at an oil refinery overfilled, is the main drive-force for information about tank gauging products.

“[The Buncefield accident] is on everybody’s agenda in Australia since last year. Safety in general and SIL-rated overfill protection in specific,” Petersson told PACE.

Also covered at the seminars will be the introduction of wireless tank radars, which reportedly communicate without communication cables, making it possible to install more gauges and spend less money on the cabling; and the increase of oil prices which has led to Emerson’s ‘Every drop counts’ campaign (see

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