Tahmoor Coal wins 2014 PACE Project of the Year Award

PACE Zenith Awards 2014: Project of the Year sponsored by Honeywell

WINNER: Tahmoor Coal (Glencore)
Project: Tahmoor Coal Recycled Water Treatment Plant

Winner of the Water & Wastewater category, Tahmoor Coal (Glencore) also took out the overall Project of the Year Award.

In 2012, Tahmoor Colliery completed construction and commissioning of a sustainable recycled water management system to service the operation, conserving approximately one million litres of fresh drinking water per day, by treating and utilising waste mine water. 

The project was completed following several years of consultation and design review with several government agencies including the Office of Environment & Heritage, the Environment Protection Authority, the NSW Office of Water, and the Office of Hawkesbury Nepean. 

The project involved the construction of a 1 megalitre (ML) per day capacity Recycled Water Treatment Plant, and two 250,000 litre concrete water tanks to supply treated water to the underground mine. 

The plant was constructed at a capital cost of approximately $3.31 million ($2 million of which was provided by the NSW State Government as part of a Water Savings Funding Agreement through the Office of Environment & Heritage). 

Since May 2013, full-time operation of the plant has demonstrated significant potable water savings.

Winners of the 2014 PACE Zenith Awards are:

Machinery Automation & Robotics
for MAR Automatic Plastic Bottle Palletising and Pallet Handling System

Food & Beverage
AP Automation
for Grinding and Batching upgrade

Machine Builder
Repeat Plastics Australia
for Replas' Queensland plant

Mining & Minerals Processing
Machinery Safety Systems
for Machinery Inspection Operating Control System MiOCS

Oil & Gas
Apex Optimisation and Esso Australia
for Hot Oil Process Control Improvement Project

Transport & Energy Management
SAGE Automation
for SAGE Automation Inline fuel delivery system

Best Fieldbus Implementation
for Eastern Tertiary Alliance

Young Achiever
Daniel Egan-Wyer
from Machinery Automation & Robotics

Water & Wastewater
Tahmoor Coal Glencore
for Tahmoor Coal Recycled Water Treatment Plant

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