• PACE partners with Women in Industry Awards


    The 4th annual Women in Industry Awards have been launched for another year, focusing on women excelling across a number of fields and PACE has partnered with the awards to acknowledge the exceptional women who have achieved success through their invaluable leadership, innovation and commitment to their sector.

    April 28, 2017 0 comment

  • Miniature piezoceramic planar triaxial accelerometer

    #866 Dytran 3493A jpg_Cut_View

    Dytran Instruments has recently announced the release of series 3493A, a miniature, low noise, IEPE triaxial accelerometers.

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  • Metal-oxide gas sensor


    The SGP gas sensor is a multi-pixel platform, which integrates four gas sensing elements into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring a fully calibrated air quality output signal.

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  • SCADA set for steady growth over next few years


    The growing popularity of various control systems in industrial processes, organizational procedures, and internal workings of the business environment only lay greater emphasis on the importance of automation.

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  • ABB wins UK-France power contract

    Indoor DC yard

    ABB has won an order worth approx. €270 million from the UK grid operator National Grid and Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), the French network owner and operator, to provide key HVDC (high-voltage direct current) technology that will help interconnect the electricity networks of France and the UK.

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  • Bees set to add buzz to robot vision systems


    According to a report in The Lead, a new study into honeybee eyesight has the potential to improve the vision of robots according to Australian scientists.

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  • Hydro storage tops Australia’s renewable options

    The hills east of Spencer Gulf in South Australia are a potential area for an off-river pumped hydro energy storage site. Image: ANU

    Pumped hydro storage can be used to help build a secure and cheap Australian electricity grid with 100 per cent renewable energy, according to a new study from The Australian National University (ANU). Lead researcher Professor Andrew Blakers from ANU said the zero-emissions grid would mainly rely on wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, with … Continue reading Hydro storage tops Australia’s renewable options

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  • Compact tool for simulating rotating machinery measurements


    Dewesoft’s new VIBRO-KIT is designed for simulating rotating machinery measurements. One of its many applications would be in educational settings, such as schools and university laboratories by providing a playground for countless experiments.

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  • Treotham Automation & Lapp Group announce partnership 

    Lapp Cables

    Treotham Automation has been appointed by Lapp Group as an authorised distributor across the Australian market for their cable and connection technology products.

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  • Conductive inks: China to the rescue, again?


    China has already once completely transformed the photovoltaic (PV) industry and maybe about to do so again. This is a major event for the conductive paste industry because the PV industry remains the primary volume market for firing-type pastes, generating a demand in excess of 1450 tonnes per annum in 2016, according to a recent IDTechEx study.

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  • Federal minister bemoans ‘lack of respect’ for science


    Industry innovators must “embrace change” if Australia is to remain open to business in the global marketplace, it has been claimed, federal industry minister Arthur Sinodinos told the AFR today.

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  • New technique to prevent hacking of multirobot systems

    Researchers including MIT professor Daniela Rus (left) and research scientist Stephanie Gil (right) have developed a technique for preventing malicious hackers from commandeering robot teams’ communication networks. To verify the theoretical predictions, the researchers implemented their system using a battery of distributed Wi-Fi transmitters and an autonomous helicopter. Image: M. Scott Brauer

    A new technique could provide an added layer of security in multirobot systems that encrypt communications, or an alternative in circumstances in which encryption is impractical.

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  • Data security threat grows as businesses stagnate on solutions

    data security

    According to a new report from Thales Security, organisations are putting more money toward data security solutions, only to experience more security breaches than ever.

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  • Australians could get faster broadband with more kerbside NBN connections


    The latest complaints about the National Broadband Network (NBN), including concerns about slow download speeds and frequent dropouts, show that all is not well with the NBN.

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  • Liquid fuel for future computers

    Three-dimensional chip stacks could be used in computers in the future. Integrated microscale flow batteries could both power and cool them. Image: IBM Research Zurich

    Scientists from ETH Zurich and IBM Research Zurich are the first to develop a redox flow battery so small that it combines energy supply and cooling.

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  • Online microbiology analyser

    microbiology analyser

    AppliTek has announced the EZ-ATP online microbiology analyser, which uses highly sensitive Promega ATP Water Glo reagent to determine microbial pathogen load in water through measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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  • Cyber attack exposes security holes in sensors


    Sound waves could be used to hack into critical sensors in a broad array of technologies including smartphones, automobiles, medical devices and the Internet of Things, according to research from University of Michigan.

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  • Hitachi and Entega enter development partnership


    Entega AG and Hitachi Europe have announced the decision to enter a development partnership to further increase the companies’ capabilities in operational optimisation for technical equipment and automated energy trading.

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  • Rugged Windows tablet


    Backplane Systems Technology has released Winmate’s M101B 10.1″ High Brightness Rugged Windows Tablet.

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  • Can Tesla fix SA’s power woes?


    According to a story in the Sydney Morning Herald, Tesla’s Elon Musk has put domestic battery storage on the national agenda with his offer last week to solve South Australia’s power crisis for free if he did not deliver a large system with 100 days of signing a contract.

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