Gearmotors designed to drive heavy loads

Bulk handling equipment such as feeders and conveyors are essential to mines and quarries; they enable the transfer of materials from one stage of the process to the next. However, the drives that power these conveying systems need to be robust and hard wearing enough to withstand the rigours of their application.
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NTN EA surface technology extends the life expectancy of bearings

A standard bearing of identical type and size will have the L10 fatigue life of around double its equivalent manufactured 50 years ago, and this is reflected in the increased dynamic load ratings published by bearing makers. This is because contemporary rolling bearings produced by reputable manufacturers are made from clean alloy steels with applied processing technologies which result in a much lower incidence of premature surface contact fatigue.   
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The coated advantage: Why using ceramic coated bearings makes sense

With the growing demand from industries to enhance the energy efficiency in their operations, inverter-controlled motors such as those featuring variable frequency drives (VFDs) are being increasingly favoured due to their versatility and control over operational speeds.  The uptake of inverter-controlled motors is expected to continue in the upwards direction as governments around the world mandate the use of energy-efficient products, with a global research predicting 6.5% annual growth in the global VFD market from 2020 to 2027.1 With the introduction of VFDs into an existing AC motor set up without any provision for grounding the shaft currents, there is a common bearing failure mode that occurs which is called Electric Erosion.  Read More