Cleaner, cooler air with the best in extraction tech

Australia’s harsh climate can be unforgiving, and when working in industrial environments, it is crucial to ensure adequate cooling and ventilation systems are in place. Whether it is an enclosed warehouse or factory setting, steel structures tend to amplify heat internally, contributing to worker fatigue. Hot air may also build up from machinery, and with nowhere to go it will become stagnant, creating the perfect environment for particle pollution.
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New multichannel mixed-signal Instruments

NI has announced today the release of a new family of PXI arbitrary waveform generators with up to two channels and 80 MHz of analog bandwidth in a single slot, and a new 100 MHz, 8-channel oscilloscope that builds on NI’s expertise in high-density and software-designed instruments in PXI.
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Elbow flow conditioner for accurate wastewater flow measurement

Process and plant engineers who can’t find room for the recommended straight pipe run required by liquid flow meters in their municipal water treatment plant retrofit projects will find the Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioner available from AMS, eliminates the problem by removing swirl and asymmetric velocity profiles caused by pumps, valves and other equipment placed too close to the meter.
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