belt drive

Taking guess work out of belt drive maintenance

The optimum performance of any power transmission system relies on getting the belt drive installation right, followed by maintenance best practices. As industry expert Steve Hittmann points out, optimum belt drive performance cannot be achieved with guess work. “You need the right tools for the job,” says Steve, CBC’s National Product Manager for Mechanical Drive Systems and Belt Drives. Gates is globally recognised as a leader in providing safe and accurate maintenance tools for belts and pulleys. The Gates Power Transmission Maintenance Kits, available in different configurations, combine the tools every technician needs for safe and accurate installation of belts drives. Tools such as the Gates 508C Sonic Tension Meter and the Gates EZ Align® help technicians with accurate belt drive installation, while a tool such as the Gates Belt Installation and Rotation Device (BIRD™) improves safety in belt installation. Read More

Scitech to distribute for Phenosys

Scitech has been appointed the authorised distributor for PhenoSys – a research and development company based in Berlin, Germany that engineers and markets cutting edge technology for automated animal behavior research.
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Industrial router

The Wieland Wienet VPN industrial router, now available from Treotham Automation, allows the user to manage tele-control, remote maintenance and alarm simply and safely from a distance. The industrial
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