big data

New system for taming data

A new system called Data Civilizer automatically finds connections among many different data tables and allows users to perform database-style queries across all of them. The results of the queries can then be saved as new, orderly data sets that may draw information from dozens or even thousands of different tables.
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Plant resource manager

Yokogawa has announced the release of version R3.31 of its Plant Resource Manager software tool for the centralised management of large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices as well as manufacturing equipment.
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Launch of Open Data Marketplace

Data Republic has announced the launch of the Open Data Marketplace, a world-first governed marketplace for organisations to list, exchange and collaborate on data exchange projects in a secure environment.
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Data management solution

Schneider Electric has launched Facility Insights, a new cloud-based solution and managed services offer that allows facility managers and building owners to analyse and manage their facility's data, with the help of its certified EcoXperts.
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