A look in the engineers’ toolbox: The intersection of AI and simulation

Today, the capability and reach of artificial intelligence (AI) is continually expanding as the technology grows in complexity. As a result, engineers are faced with new challenges as they are tasked with integrating AI into systems.  Part of the complexity stems from the recognition that AI models are only as effective as the data they’re trained with – if that data is insufficient, inaccurate, or biased, the model’s calculations will be too.
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edge computing

Have you considered Edge computing infrastructure solutions for food production facilities?

The food and beverage industry is at something of a crossroads. While today’s producers may not view themselves as being at the forefront of the IT infrastructure conversation, food and beverage companies in a modern production landscape are also tech companies. The ability to gather, sort, retrieve, and act on data as quickly as possible is a necessity for producers to be proactive to consumer demands and behaviour, compliant with safety regulations and guidelines, and competitive via optimised processes and workflows.
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