Cleaner, cooler air with the best in extraction tech

Australia’s harsh climate can be unforgiving, and when working in industrial environments, it is crucial to ensure adequate cooling and ventilation systems are in place. Whether it is an enclosed warehouse or factory setting, steel structures tend to amplify heat internally, contributing to worker fatigue. Hot air may also build up from machinery, and with nowhere to go it will become stagnant, creating the perfect environment for particle pollution.
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hooded roof fans

Clearing the air with industrial grade hooded roof fans

Keeping facilities clean and closely monitored is crucial to ensuring the safety of employees and livestock, as well as overall efficiency in the production process. Ventilation plays a key part in this, as industrial sites are prone to airborne particles such as dust and chemical vapours. Even large and open work areas require adequate exhaust equipment in place, which is where Fanmaster’s versatile range of hooded roof fans comes in.
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