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TAE upgrades its engineering management system

Queensland-based turbine engine maintenance service provider, TAE, will implement IFS Applications as an engineering management solution to comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and help grow its engineered asset management services beyond aviation into the resources and industrial sectors.

TAE, a subsidiary of Air New Zealand, will implement the newly released IFS Applications 8 – with new features for project management and execution control, innovations within product component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), and performance-based maintenance – at its head engineering office located within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base at Amberley, Queensland.

The company wanted an engineering management solution to ensure ITAR compliance, collaborate with its customers, and improve operational efficiency.

With IFS Applications, TAE can centralise all its engineering information and employ common workflows while controlling access to sensitive information.

It will also implement customised workflows within IFS to improve the performance of its customers' assets and help grow its business beyond aviation into the resources and industrial sectors.

“IFS Applications will control all our protected information within a single framework. We can decide who gets to see what, control how information flows around the business and manage the work process,” said Andrew Sanderson, General Manager for TAE.

“Whether we are helping manage power stations or parts for Hornet fighter engines, when we get a piece of information coming into the business, we can log it, track it and report on it.”

TAE selected IFS Applications over competing software solutions because it can be locally configured to create workflows, has the most professional user interface, and is well supported in Australia.

“We also plan to expand our services to customers such as gas producers who use turbine engines to compress and refrigerate coal seam gas,” said Sanderson.

“With IFS Applications we can capture how they manage the life of an engine, enhance their maintenance schedules and share that information with them.”

TAE selects IFS Applications for engineering management system.While compliance and business expansion were the main drivers for the new solution, IFS Applications will also improve efficiency, said Sanderson.

“With IFS we will have a single information process with a defined entry point and workflow, whether it is protected information or not. All that information will be managed in the one place.”

“TAE’s focus on engineering services and asset management within the aerospace, resources and industrial sectors is a great fit with IFS Applications,” said Rob Stummer, Managing Director at IFS Australia and New Zealand.

“Right now, TAE can take advantage of the flexibility and modularity of IFS Applications to ensure compliance and support the expansion of an important part of its business.”

[Images courtesy TAE.]

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