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Symposium: Functional safety in hazardous areas

The Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation (IICA) is holding a symposium called ‘Functional Safety in Hazardous Areas’ in November in Sydney.

The event will be held on Wednesday, 19th November 2008 at Macquarie University in North Ryde, and will feature speaker Bob Weiss from Honeywell Process Solution.

Functional Safety in Hazardous Areas — Back to Basics

According to IICA, the functional safety standards AS61508 and AS61511 are becoming widely used in industry, however there continues to be frequent misunderstandings about the complete requirements for compliance.

This workshop will feature a simple example of high level protection in an LPG tank will be used to clarify the relationship between hazardous area protection and functional safety, and to identify the five key requirements for compliance with AS61511.

The role of TÜV certification will also be is clarified, and demonstrated to be only one small part of achieving compliance. Calculating PFD figures will also be included.

Case Studies from Australian Underground Coal Mining

This presentation will be hosted by Marcus Punch from Marcus Punch Pty Ltd, and will look at the background and recent developments of functional safety in hazardous areas, beyond the Infernal Triangle & Swiss Cheese models.

This will include:

• Integrating the Approaches — a holistic ‘risk-based’ model

• Case Study 1: Methane Monitoring

• Case Study 2: Mine Ventilation.

According to IICA, the successful implementation of AS61511 has been a challenge for many organisations. For end users that have operational hazardous areas the opportunity of adopting functional safety in overall plant safety is not well understood and requires further effort to understand the benefits.

This symposium brings together experienced speakers to present papers on relevant case studies, potential solutions, installed & operating plant with thought provoking ideas related to functional

safety in hazardous areas.

Registrations begin from $175 for an IICA member, or interested parties can visit htt

Contact IICA on 03 9326 9851 or visit

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