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Sydney Water awards meter contract to Elster

Sydney Water in Australia has selected Elster as one of its suppliers to deliver V100 volumetric water meters and Helix water meters over the next three years, commencing on July 1, 2012.

These meters will help Sydney Water to manage their water resources more efficiently, by providing accurate measurement of water usage and control over water leakage and wastage.

Available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm, Elster’s V100 volumetric water meters offer performance to Australian standards AS 3565 and NMI R.49.

The V100 offers high accuracy, long-life, low maintenance and tamper-proof operation and can be equipped with wireless automated meter reading (AMR) systems to provide valuable data for management information as part of an advanced water metering system.

Elster’s Helix water meters are available in sizes 40mm to 300mm and offer performance to international ISO 4064 standards in a variety of applications.

These include the measurement of water flow in commercial buildings, such as office blocks, hospitals, schools and factories where there are large flow variations. The product is suitable for improved low flow detection, thus enhancing leakage identification and distribution management.

“With the growing importance of water conservation in Australia, Elster’s portfolio of products can support water utilities such as Sydney Water with access to precise measurement data.

"This information allows them to accurately bill customers for water usage, and to identify leaks within their distribution system, improving efficiency and helping to reduce water losses,” commented Rob Campbell, managing director of Elster’s water metering business in Australia. 

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