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Swinburne’s Dean becomes a ‘Royal’ engineer

Professor John Beynon, Swinburne’s Dean of Engineering and Industrial Sciences, has been elected a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering.

The Academy is Britain’s national society for engineering, and it has recognised Professor Beynon’s significant contribution to the teaching of engineering and his world-class research, as well as his close collaboration and links with industry in Britain before moving to Australia.

His research focuses on areas involving metallurgy, mechanical engineering and applied mechanics. This has included major contributions to the basic understanding and development of computer models that assess the extent of wear on railway tracks and wheels and to further develop the thermo mechanical processing of metals. His concepts and methodology have been internationally recognised and adopted by the relevant industries for rail maintenance and also used in the design and optimisation of thermo mechanical processes, particularly hot rolling – a technique used to produce sheet metal.

Professor Beynon has continued his contribution to the teaching and researching at Swinburne, the institution that he joined in 2005.

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