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Swinburne launches new blockchain research centre with Capgemini

A new global Blockchain Centre of Excellence has been launched by Swinburne University of Technology in partnership with the French-based digital technology consulting company Capgemini.

The centre will focus on advancing blockchain technologies, platforms, assets and systems to develop industry understanding and implementation of blockchain technologies. Swinburne’s multi-disciplinary team will collaborate with Capgemini’s network of global experts to lead development and implementation of innovative blockchain solutions from proof of concept to production.

Based at Swinburne’s Hawthorn campus in Melbourne, the Centre of Excellence operations will be managed by Capgemini chief technology officer for financial services, Sudhir Pai, and Swinburne’s dean of of the Digital Research and Innovation Capability Platform, Professor Yang Xiang.

The centre will provide research-led thought leadership and drive strategic blockchain developments to address complex business problems in financial services, creative industries, manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and health domains.

The centre was launched in San Francisco at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange. The event was attended by representatives from leading financial institutions, global corporations, local startups and venture capital firms interested in applying and leveraging blockchain technology.

Swinburne University’s deputy vice-chancellor of research and development, Professor Aleksandar Subic, said that blockchain technology would be the key digital innovation platform supporting future global supply chains, intellectual property and trade across a range of industry sectors.

“The partnership with Capgemini will consolidate our complementary capabilities and networks within the scope of an interdisciplinary global Centre of Excellence. The centre is focused on translational research and development of innovative solutions to complex systems problems in industry that require active collaboration between many stakeholders and sectors, which is why this unique public – private sector partnership is essential,” Subic said.

“What makes blockchains so powerful is the fact that they are distributed and digital, but this in turn creates significant challenges relating to connectivity, performance, interoperability, validation and security, which the centre aims to address.

“Successful development of blockchain solutions will depend not only on our technology but also on how well we work with our global industry partners on the development of new business strategies and capabilities.”

The Centre of Excellence will build on the capabilities of Swinburne’s current Blockchain Innovation Lab. Swinburne will engage with experts and researchers from a wide range of disciplines (including IT, Business and Law, Engineering, Health and Design) to tackle interdisciplinary problems and challenges related to developing and implementing blockchain technologies.

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