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Swedish robotic equipment manufacturer appoints local distributor

Australian robotics company, Robotize has recently been appointed as the sole Australian and New Zealand distributor for Swedish robotic equipment manufacturer Robot System Products (RSP).

RSP’s product range includes robot cable “dress packs”, quick change automatic tool changers and a selection of specialist grippers and end of arm tooling.

Born from ABB subsidiary “Automation Technology/Robotic Peripheral Equipment” RSP became independent from its parent company in 2003 and due to its expansion into other robot brands and subsequent growth has recently made a push for local representation throughout the world to better service its customer base.

The product range not only covers a broad range of products but also now caters to such brands as ABB, Kuka, Kawasaki, Fanuc and Motoman.

The RSP products all drive at making the most of a robots inherent flexibility. Specially designed dress packs and swivels allow for better robot mobility, and are particularly useful in applications where maintaining a particular path is critical.

Without a swivel robot cables can quickly become tangled around the robot arm quickly damaging cables, but with a swivel at the end of axis 6, the robot can freely rotate its last axis without being inhibited and without damaging it’s process cables.

Quick change automatic tool changers are perfect for applications that require the robot to perform a range of different functions, or where the robot is required to cater to a wide variety of product types. Using a tool changer allows the system designer to utilise simple low weight tools that can be quickly swapped when needed, rather than trying to build one big complicated and heavy end effector to cater to every task and every product.

Robot System Products, Asian Manager, Crystal Guo was recently in Melbourne to launch the new partnership and visit some Australian key customers. “We are really happy to have Robotize as our distributor in Australia and New Zealand, to support the local customers. The visits to customers received positive feedback and we are sure that with our market proved quality, leading edge technology and local professional support, the RSP product range will prove to be a success in the local Australian market.”

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