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Swagelok launches sampling systems reference book

Sampling systems expert Tony Waters and Swagelok have created a comprehensive reference covering the engineering involved with designing and operating a sampling system for a process analyser. 

Exclusively available for purchase at Swagelok sales and service centers, Industrial Sampling Systems offers analytical instrumentation material suited for anyone from a novice to a degreed engineer.

Along with recent innovations such as the Swagelok Process Analyzer Sample System live training course, and the Swagelok Pre-Engineered Subsystems product line, this reference fills a need for those who design, engineer, and maintain sample systems for on-line process analysers.

Industrial Sampling Systems captures the experience and knowledge that Tony Waters has acquired over a career of more than 50 years.

At a sneak preview of the reference book at the 58th annual ISA Analysis Division Symposium, Waters received positive reviews from among the 350 attendees.

Waters, who collaborated with Swagelok engineers and associates, balances theory and practical examples, making it a suitable read for students as well as experienced engineers, designers, and technicians.

The book also provides readers with a sampling of information featured in Swagelok’s intensive 40-hour complementary Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) training classes offered in several locations, including Perth. [To view the complete course brochure, upcoming classes or to enroll, visit]

The book uses illustrations of a wide range of products used in sampling systems from more than 20 companies, and talks about conventional components as well as modular products and systems

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