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Surge protection device

surge protection

Phoenix Contact has released the Valvetrab-Safe Energy Control (SEC) Type 2 surge protection device, which the company claims is one of the world’s narrowest high-performing arresters.

From just 12mm wide per module, the protective device is highly compact and reduces the need for installation space to a minimum. It can be easily housed in any miniature distribution system.

The device protects against lightning strikes and surges to deliver maximum reliability for installations in need of continuous power.

The pluggable nature of the device allows for quick installation and maintenance. Its base element and plug can be rotated by 180 degrees for easy alignment. This also enables a connection with shorter cable lengths with markings facing upright that are clearly legible.

The device is both vibration and shock proof, and is monitored by an easy-to-read status indicator and a remote signalling contact. Furthermore, it has been independently tested to the latest IEC 61643-11: standards and has GL shipping approval.


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