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Surface Area & Porosity Instrument

Particle & Surface Sciences has launched the Micromeritics ASAP 2060 Surface Area & Porosity Instrument.  

The ASAP 2060 is equipped with both 10-mmHg and 0.1-mmHg, high-resolution transducers to permit krypton (low surface area) and micropore measurements, respectively.  

Increased throughput with the addition of up to three additional units on a shared turbo pumping system, without adding the additional cost of multiple dedicated vacuum systems.  This instrument provides research grade results and MicroActive software to the user.

Specifications are: 

  • Pressure Measurement: 0 to 950 mmHg  
  • Resolution: Up to 1 x 10-7 torr (0.1 mmHg transducer) 
  • System Capacity: Single Port, up to four individual instruments can share a single turbo vacuum system  Cryogen System: 3 L, > 80 hr. dewar


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