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Supplier backlog strengthens Coriolis flowmeter market

Coriolis flowmeters have continued to gain greater acceptance in the process industries, according to a report from ARC Advisory Group called ‘Coriolis Flowmeter Worldwide Outlook’.

The market for these meters has enjoyed strong growth in recent years as technological improvements continue to expand their application range, the report says.

According to ARC, this growth has led to a large backlog for Coriolis meters which helped sustain market performance for much of 2009 during the economic downturn, at a time when many other markets were reeling from the market slump.

Revenue growth was stable in all vertical industries, driven by greater user acceptance of the technology, increased sales of larger sized meters, advances in measuring two-phase flow and start empty/finish empty batch applications, the emergence of two-wire designs, and increasing popularity in custody transfer applications, particularly in the oil & gas industry, the report says.

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