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Sunlight-readable panel PCs

Backplane Systems Technology has released the  APC-3072 & APC-3082 series of IP66 Sunlight Readable 7” & 8” Panel PC’s.

The APC-3072 and APC-3082 are both powered by Intel Atom Processor E3845 that delivers good performance, with minimal power consumption, supporting 6-36VDC power input with optional ignition control.

These Panel PCs also support optional GPS and 3G/4G network function for real-time GPS tracking and asset management. With integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect to local devices for updating real-time location status and route information, plus exchanging data with the control centre 24/7.

The APC-3072 and APC-3082 both feature a rugged design with their IP66 rated panel and a rich selection of I/O ports, multiple peripherals and M12 I/O connectors, making it a very tough and robust unit. In addition, these industrial grade LCD Panel PCs can withstand a wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

The LCD Panels are optically bonded and feature anti-reflection technology, making them suitable for use in sunlight or applications where bright light can affect a screen’s readability.

The 1,000 nits high brightness screen has been designed for environments where harsh daylight is an issue.

The APC-3072 and APC-3082 Panel PCs have been developed to meet the needs of a range of industries requiring a reliable solution in rugged environments.

These include food & beverage, manufacturing, factory automation, communications and in-vehicle computing applications.

Key Features include:

  • 7″-8″ High Brightness LED Backlight LCD
  • Fully IP66 Certified Fanless Panel PC
  • Intel Atom Processor E3845
  • 4G DDR3L Memory Onboard
  • Rugged Engineering Plastics Enclosure and Fanless Design
  • 6~36V DC Wide-ranging Power Input
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