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Sun Cable renewable project charges ahead with global team

Sun Cable

The Sun Cable Australia-Asia PowerLink project has brought together a group of engineering firms to form a global consortium – the Integrated Project Delivery Team (IPDT) – which will see the world’s largest solar farm and renewable energy system built in the Northern Territory. 

The team of global experts includes Bechtel, SMEC, Hatch, PwC and Marsh, who will work towards a development timeline to ensure the construction can commence on the infrastructure immediately, following financial close in October 2023. 

“To secure the support of these globally recognised experts is an important vote of confidence in the significance and feasibility of Sun Cable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink,” Sun Cable CEO David Griffin said. 

“This project is designed to significantly accelerate the carbon zero ambitions of the region and we have brought together a dream team to bring it to fruition.” 

The Integrated Project Delivery Team will spearhead opportunities that generate long-term benefits, both for Australia and internationally. 

In the last financial year, Sun Cable invested over $2.3 million in the Territory to support project development activities. This includes wages for NT residents and procurement of goods and services from over 70 local businesses and entities, to support development activities in the Territory. 

Once operational, the Australia-Asia PowerLink will transmit large volumes of dispatchable electricity from the Barkly region to Darwin and Singapore markets. It will deliver a total carbon emissions abatement estimated at 8.6 million tonnes each year. 

The $30 billion project will create 1,500 jobs during construction and 350 ongoing positions once operations begin. 

“The Australia-Asia PowerLink will inject $8 billion into the Australian economy, with most of it being spent right here in the Northern Territory,” NT chief minister Michael Gunner said. 

“This project continues to build momentum and create more jobs and opportunities for Territorians, and is another massive sign of confidence in the comeback capital.” 

Sun Cable have conducted a competitive tender process and each firm has been carefully selected based on their global credibility, capability, skill sets and the project requirements. 

From 2026, the Australia-Asia PowerLink will have the capacity to provide a significant amount of renewable energy for the Northern Territory, as well as up to 15 per cent of Singapore’s electricity supply by the end of 2028. 

“Territorians can look forward to affordable energy that’s reliable and renewable by the end of the decade,” NT minister for Renewables and Energy Eva Lawler said. 

“This project shows strong confidence in investing in renewable energy, which is good for the environment and driving a sustainable economy.” 

It’s estimated the project will export $2 billion worth of solar electricity every year, once up and running. 

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