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Submersible level probe

level probe

Krohne has introduced the OPTIBAR LC 1010, a submersible level probeĀ enabling continuous hydrostatic level measurement in water wells, rainwater basins or tanks. The probe features a 316L stainless steel housing and a high overload-proof ceramic diaphragm for a long operating life. For safe and easy cleaning on site, the diaphragm is flush mounted. With a diameter of 22mm, it can also be used in small vessels. It comes with pre-configured measuring ranges from 100mbar/10kPa/1.5psi to up to 10bar/1MPa/150psi, with customer-specific ranges available on request.

For versatile use in water and wastewater applications, the probe features ATEX and IECEx certification and a corrosion-resistant TPE cable that is also approved for use with potable water. Next to the electrical lines for the 4…20mA output, the TPE cable houses an air hose to be used for differential pressure level measurement with closed vessels. With open vessels, the air hose can be capped for absolute pressure measurement. As options, the probe can be provided with an integrated 3-wire Pt100 temperature sensor, or with HART 7 communication for convenient configuration.

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