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Nonlinear Solutions is an industrial automation, robotics, and engineering company catering to Industry 4.0 applications across multiple sectors.

Based in Rivervale, Western Australia, Nonlinear Solutions is an industrial automation, robotics, and engineering company catering to Industry 4.0 applications across mining, oil and gas, defence, and manufacturing sectors.

Their vision is to create higher efficiency in their clients’ machinery processes, while also enabling them to efficiently connect with external services and other equipment.

According to Director Isaac Monteath, this includes delivering smart products to different types of applications within competitive timeframes, and at an effective price point.

“The concept for the company really came out of working in this industry, and being frustrated with the lack of available solutions,” he explains. “It’s important to us that we work with a platform that we trust, and one that is flexible enough for us to deliver these kinds of out-of-the-box alternatives.”

Partnering with industry-leading control technology provider Beckhoff Automation, Nonlinear Solutions builds end-to end systems that incorporate future-proofed software and integration with IoT infrastructure. They possess the resources to facilitate design concepts, CAD modelling, fabrication, and rapid prototyping using large-scale 3D printers.

Utilising the TwinCAT portfolio, they are able to integrate real-time control for PC-based systems, benefiting from its advanced functionality and flexible runtime environment, Monteath says.

“User experience and interface design are important, and Beckhoff is really leading the way by giving clients an intuitive product. We also benefit from being able to work closely with their excellent support team.”

The TwinCAT 3 builds on previous iterations of Beckhoff’s automation technology, and is the latest suite of control system components. It is a highly modular offering that can be built to serve particular application requirements, such as motion control, vision, processing, or measurement functions.

“By bringing separate processes together into one system, it reduces the hardware footprint inside the cabinet, and also improves the reliability,” says Monteath. “The robust code translates to a more efficient machine, and the single code base is easier to manage. Using Beckhoff’s product makes our lives a lot easier as software developers.”

In addition to high quality industrial automation and control cabinet manufacturing, Nonlinear Solutions specialise in big data analytics and prediction models, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. From speech and gesture recognition to digital mapping of rooms and buildings, they usher in a new era of automation to the Australian market, ensuring robust software foundation through Beckhoff’s leading communication concepts.

“We really wanted to bring modern automation technology to our clients,” says Jacob Monteath, head of Business Development. “Beckhoff provided us with a platform that made integration with the physical components easy. It is a simple, smart solution that makes the process as stable as possible.”

Beckhoff Customer Video – Nonlinear Solutions

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