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Stratasys says new “Premium Connex” 3D printer a breakthrough

Stratasys has announced the next generation of its photopolymer printers, promising the new “market-disruptive” six-nozzle J750 units will offer “one-stop realism without post-processing”.

Computerworld notes that the product can use multiple materials and colours in the same print head, and follows the Connex 3 (three-nozzle) multi-material machines.

“This is like a premium Connex 3. That’s the way to think of it,” Josh Claman, Stratasys’ chief business officer, told Computerworld.

The machine offers 360,000 different color shades and multiple material properties, according to a statement from Stratasys.

It also comes with a revamped version of the company’s software, with the PolyJet Studio enabling the control of the print queue, materials and build optimisation from the one screen.

“When you think about the preparation of the .stl [stereolithography] file for print … and think about post processing, artistic work, etc., a lot of those stages are made unecessary now,” said Claman.

To read the company’s statement in full, click here.

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