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Start-up company launches 3D design sharing platform

Estonian start-up Fabulonia has launched a new “live cloud printing platform” called Fabsecure, which it claims will allow individuals and companies to monetise their 3D printing designs.

Describing Fabsecure as a “one-stop-solution” for securely sharing designs, it demonstrated its patent pending innovation at the Mobile Wolrd Congress 2013, where it was being spruiked as a “Spotify for 3D designs”.

According to Fabulonia, which is based in Tallinn, a user’s designs are secure from exploitation, and is a better alternative than using “Old, hacked, and unpopular” digital rights management software schemes.

”Fabulonia provides the whole 3D printing business solution for storing, licensing, distributing and selling 3D designs online and streaming them to a 3D printer,” said CEO Kimmo Isbjörnssundin a statement.

“It turns 3D originals into new revenue streams, using FabSecure streaming servers, and embedded 3D printer security software.”


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