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Star Scientific to commercialise cheap, reliable clean energy

Star Scientific

Star Scientific, a hydrogen research, development and deployment company, has become an Australian Made licensee, aiming to make cheap, safe, reliable clean energy and heat available to everyone. 

“While we are global in scope, Star Scientific remains deeply and proudly an Australian innovator,” Star Scientific global group chairman Andrew Horvath said. 

Star Scientific’s HERO technology works to accelerate the energy transition, commercialising industrial heat and tackling the global energy challenge. It is the missing link in the hydrogen supply chain and is able to support the heaviest of industry, through to scaled-down local assets for specific locations. 

“Our HERO technology, a world first with no competitor, is a non-polluting catalyst that uses hydrogen to generate limitless amounts of heat necessary for all major industrial applications without any combustion,” Horvath said.  

Last year, HERO captured global attention with Star Scientific winning the Emerging Technology Award at the S&P Platts Global Energy Awards, and more recently the First Annual World Hydrogen Awards. 

The company has also signed a MoU with the Department of Energy of the Republic of the Philippines to lead the transition from largely fossil fuelled power to a hydrogen-powered economy, via HERO. 

“Globally and for our sector, investors are looking for a sustainable energy source that has the capacity to provide reliable, continuous dispatchable energy and industrial heat, the key input into most human endeavours,” Horvath said.  

“The early adopters of hydrogen technology like ours will be the digital economy, who are demanding off the grid energy sources, and the food sector, especially those exposed to export markets.” 

According to Australian Made chief executive, Ben Lazzaro, Star Scientific is a shining example of Australian innovation.  

“This Australian made technology is a demonstration of the high level of ingenuity we have in our own backyard,” he said. 

“Backed by Australia’s clean and green reputation, the iconic Australian Made kangaroo logo will further enable Star Scientific to promote its credentials both nationally and internationally.” 

Star Scientific is currently in the process of rapid scale up towards commercialisation. While it is considering locations of its manufacturing facilities both in Australia and globally, the plan is for its R&D headquarters to remain in New South Wales; specifically in the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Hunter region. 

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