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Standards Australia: adoption of international standards can help Industry 4.0 transition

At the recent Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Forum (I4AMF), Standards Australia outlined how developing standards can help Australia tackle the next major industrial revolution.

Standards Australia presented at the conference about how Australian businesses can optimise their supply chain processes, reduce risks, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve productivity.

“The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is changing industries around the globe with a move towards seamless integration of physical and digital systems. Every year we are adopting new technologies like 3D printing, blockchain as well as IoT and edge computing – standards play a huge role in outlining how they operate in our current industrial landscape.” said Standards Australia’s head of stakeholder engagement, Daniel Chidgey.

Around the world there are standards being developed that assist with the adoption of industry 4.0 on a global scale such as the ISO Joint Technical Committee 1, Working Group 12 – which is currently exploring 3D printing and scanning for adoption in the med-tech and construction industries.

Chidgey said that Standards Australia can work alongside industry and government to identify Australia’s opportunities for adoption of new technologies.

“By leading this conversation, we look forward to shaping the way Australia responds to new technologies and by working with industry experts we can navigate this emerging industrial era,” he said.

Standards Australia reported that it has identified opportunities to assist small to medium sized manufacturers transition to modernise, grow and employ digital capabilities which will be pursued in the months ahead.

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